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Day and night flower delivery in Gomel

Our company has already attended flower delivery in Gomel for 10 years. We are not an intermediary company, that's why we are able to plan the delivery in such a way all flowers are delivered fresh any time.

Characteristic aspects of our work:

Our success is in your hands. That's why all strenghts are turned at clients' satisfaction. We accept orders 24 hours, day and night courier service delivery helps us to bring happiness into your house.

Delivery time: around the CLOCK! 24/7

We value our customers, so our flower delivery is inexpensive and very fast. All the bouquets we aim to deliver in extremely short time.


Delivery by courier around the clock

Delivery on holidays (delivery on March 7 and 8):

Courier delivery

Delivery in Gomel: order for the amount up to 50r. = 12r. / more than 50 rub. = 6r.

Region 1: order for the amount up to 80 rub. = 12 rub. / up to 80 rub. = 10r. / more than 100 rub. =8r.

Region 2:  зorder for the amount from 30 rubles = 35 rubles. / more than 50 rub. = 30r. / more than 100 rub. = 20r.

Region 3: order for the amount from 40 to 70 rubles = 50 rubles. / more than 70 rub. = 40r.


Orders placed on February 7-8. Will be DELIVERED in order alive queues.
We try to stick to the chosen time. All orders will be delivered without fail.

 Delivery by courier in Gomel

Order price up to 50 rubles:

  • in Gomel (from 07:00 to 22:00) - 6 rubles.
  • in Gomel (from 22:00 to 07:00) - 12 rubles.

Order price more than 50 rubles:

  • in Gomel (from 07:00 to 22:00) - FREE.
  • in Gomel (from 22:00 to 07:00) - 6 rubles.


Delivery by courier in Gomel region "Region-1":

Delivery to: Berezki, Brilyovo, Eremino, Korenevka, Kostyukovka, Krasnoe, Krasny Mayak, Osovtsy, Pokolyubichi, Romanovichi, Sevryuki, Chenki.

  • Order price up to 50 rubles - 10 rubles.
  • Order price more than 50 rubles - 5 rubles.
  • Order price more than 80 rubles - FREE.

Delivery by courier in Gomel region "Region-2":

Delivery to: Bobovichi, Bolshevik, Branch, Dobrush, Device, Teryukha, Tsykuns, Uritskoye.

  • Order price up to 50 rubles - 30 rubles.
  • Order price more than 50 rubles - 25 rubles.
  • Order price more than 100 rubles - 20 rubles.

Delivery by courier in Gomel region "Region-3":

Delivery to: Buda-Koshelevo, Grabovka, Novaya Guta, Rechitsa, Terekhovka.

  • Order price up to 40 rubles - 40 rubles.
  • Order price more than 40 rubles - 35 rubles.
  • Order price more than 70 rubles - 30 rubles.

Delivery by courier in Gomel region "Region-4":

Delivery to: Dovsk, Zhlobin, Mozyr, Rogachev, Svetlogorsk, Chechersk.

  • Order price up to 40 rubles - 80 rubles.
  • Order price more than 40 rubles - 70 rubles.
  • Order price more than 70 rubles - 60 rubles.
  • Order price more than 200 rubles - 30 rubles.

Delivery by courier in Belarus (except Gomel region):

Delivery to: Minsk, Mogilev, Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk.

  • negotiate by phone, approximate cost 50 rubles.


 The flowers and bouquets delivery within 2 hours.

The desired time - specify when placing an order. On holidays - delivery is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Flower delivery in Gomel at home should be extremely high quality and we carefully monitor the level of our service. So flowers are delivered only after the order is processed by our staff and its scrutiny.

 Customer pick-up:

You can pick up an item chosen yourself at one of our shops. Our shops are situated:

  • str.International, 33, Gomel "Flowers Jasminka".


  • Gomel, Bykhovskaya str., 112,
    Shopping center "Green" (pav.Jasminka)

Correctly specify the shipping address:

Gomel is not a small city. The delivery is carried out directly to the address you mentioned and mistakes can prolong the delivery terms. If the delivery is conducted in the region or by courier, the order details have to be discussed with a manager..

If you want your order to be delivered quickly, tell us the right delivery address.

We can guarantee the delivery to the reception office in ahotel or hostel. Some organisations don't allow couriers to deliver orders directly to the client's room. You should tell us not only your telephone number, but also the room number.

Wedding flower delivery terms:

Wedding bouquets very often have to be prepared for a long time as sometimes we need rear flowers or unique accessories. Thus it's better to order flowers 7-10 days before the wedding day. You have to discuss the details of arranging such bouquets with our managers. That will help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Order receipt control:

Pay attention! You have to receive a notification to confirm your order. If you don't receive it, call our tech support service by the number mentioned on our website.

If you don't receive your order, call our managers and they will help to solve all the problems.

Our advantages:

At present our shop is one of the leaders in trading and delivering flowers in Gomel. Our great delivery service and huge working experience let process orders quite on time.

Only our company has day and night delivery in Gomel. In a daytime the delivery is free.

Where to buy flowers with day and night delivery in Gomel?

Flower purchase is a big deal as flowers create cheerful atmosphere whether it's a birthday party, wedding or a present to your lover. Flower delivery in Gomel is important but also there are some additional important points:

  • air humidity;
  • light;
  • temperature;
  • other factors.

Our website is eager to help you find fresh flowers at a good price. Free flower delivery will be conducted with 30BRN.

Flowers in Gomel with day and night delivery. 24/7

The freshness of flowers and the purchase convenience are important factors. Simetimes the circumstances do not allow you to buy flowers yourself. In cush a case free flower delivery will be very favourable. With a 30BYR order the flowers are delivered for free 24 hours. If you need flowers at 12 p.m. you can easily call us and order any bouquet you want 30BRN  .

Flower delivery in Gomel will be common practice in a meanwhile thanks to us. Do you want your flower delivery to be quick and cheap? Make an order at our website.

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